The digital Frequency Input Module DP-DAS-FM10


The FM10 has two independent measure channels with a digital error-impulse-suppression. 
   The inputs are opto-isolated and polarity independent.

The FM10 is able to recognize the direction of incremental signals by using both channels.

The I/O address of the module can be chosen via two rotary switches underneath the module.

High noise immunity thanks to screened electronics in an aluminum housing and electronics 
   design conforming to EMC requirements.

Modular design with small dimensions ( 75 x 21 x 96 mm ).

Simple wiring via screw terminal pocket, cable thickness up to 1.5 mm2.

Easy assembly and secure attachment via two fixing screws.

No maintenance needed.

Electric features:

maximum current consumption ( 5V )                240 mA
maximum power consumption                           1,2 Watt
Input voltage:                                                   8V ... 18V or
                                                                      16V ... 36V
Input current:                                                   3,2 mA ... 7,4 mA
Frequency range:                                            465Hz ... 15KHz
Measure precision:                                          100 ppm
minimal recognized impulse width                     5s