The Particle Counter Module DP-DAS-PZ10-2C


The PZ10 uses the pulse height analysis method. Because of this method and the high precision the
   module can be used to calibrate particle sensors.

All single- and dual-mode sensors with an output impulse of the range 0...10 Volt can be connected
   to the PZ10

The sensors power supply of 15 Volt ( max. 5,7 Watt ), 12 Volt and 5 Volt is directly provided by the 
   15pol. sensor plug on the front side.

An integrated analogue input allows the continuous sensor-state supervision
( e.g. Laser power ) in a 
   range of 0....6,2 Volt.

Modular design with small dimensions ( 75 x 21 x 96 mm ).

High noise immunity thanks to screened electronics in an aluminum housing and electronics design 
   conforming to EMC requirements.

No maintenance needed

Electrics features:

maximum current consumption ( 5V ):              600 mA
maximum power consumption:                         4 Watt
external sensor supply:                                   12.....30 Volt DC
concentration limit:                                          250.000 Particle/ml
Address range:                                               15 Modules per CPU ( DAS )
min. required Impulse-length per Particle:          450 ns
max. channels per sensor:                               16384 divided on 0...10V
Noise level:                                                     < 10 mV