Online Particle Automation
at EADS Airbus in Hamburg, Germany


   The purpose of the automation was to reduce the flushing time of the hydraulic systems 
during the production of the aircraft types A319/320/321 considerably. This was realized via
   the automation of the particle measurement, which is now used in each of the 40 runback lanes.
   The flushing time could be reduced by two thirds compared to the former time.

   The firm digi plan GmbH has developed an own software packet to realize this task. 
   The (FMC) Facility Monitoring Center and special electronic particle counters and frequency
   modules developed by digi plan were used in the combination with the (DAS) Data Acquisition 

   System, which is modular designed.

   The FMC-software which was developed for the particle measurement, runs on the WIN NT4.0
   operating system and is absolutely independent. The software within the DAS controls and 

   regulates the 40 complete particle measure lines including the tabular or graphical evaluation

   and event protocols. Furthermore, 40 temperature dependent flow regulations are controlled

   by the system which grant the turbulent stream within the pipelines during the flushing process
   The single DAS-frames communicate via a Rail Switch per Ethernet with each other

   The data exchange to the superior PLC Siemens S7-400 of the complete hydraulic station
   was realized via a Profibus Layer 2 (FDL).