The Firm Digi Plan GmbH was founded 1991 and works since then as an international  independent MSR
planning bureau.

Besides the planning, shipment, assembly and commissioning of MSR-Equipment of all kind, our
operating areas are

Visualization of process control systems
Planning and construction of switch cabinets and valve stations

In 1995 we began with the development of the Facility Monitoring Systems "FMC-DAS" with the main
focus on the Online-Particle-Measurement.

Owing to our knowledge of the MSR- and Automation Technique the Monitoring System
quickly improved to an "Automated Process Control" System, which can be used to realize nearly every
application in the clean-room technique and in the fluid medium supervision.

For the future we plan to optimize and care for the above mentioned products and services as we have
done already in the past.

We hope we have roused your interest and we would like to get in contact with you.

Your Digi Plan Team