The System allows to connect nearly every available particle sensors with external control options.

For the following devices the required device drivers were already integrated into the DAS.

Air and gas-like Media

Point of Use Sensors

The preferred sensors for all tasks of clean room and working place supervision in the air area.
   This variation allows a precise online supervision according to international standards.

Scanner Systems

Alternative solutions for many measure points by tolerating of longer measure cycles.
   In this variation the measure points will be scanned periodically with one particle counter.

Condensation Particle Counters

The technique to measure smallest particles in clean gases in the nanometer range.

   Smallest particles are vaporized with a medium, to make them visible for the laser sensors.

Stand-alone Devices

Particle counters with special abilities can be used for applications in laboratories or at a single place.

Liquid Media

Online Particle Counters

All particle sensors which use the "extinction" and "scattering-method" can be connected to the
   This can be realized by using the evaluation electronics of the manufacturer or directly via a
module (PZ10) integrated into the DAS, if the particle sensor has a standard output signal range of
0 to 10 Volt.
To some determined evaluation electronic a sampler system can be connected optionally, which 
   controls a predefined volume flow through the particle counter.

Logical System Overview
  Physical System Overview