Continuous local Archiving during a Measurement

During a measurement all received measure values will be archived locally. A high data safety is granted
through the optional use of mirrored hard disk systems and/or UPS-Units.

External Archiving

After a measurement has been finished the archive can be automatically or manually archived on 
external media or available servers of the customer.

Archive Administration

The archive administration allows the searching, reloading and deleting of local and external archives
ordered by measure ids and production ids.

Archives can also be reloaded from other terminals which have access to the archive folders.

Data Export

The by FMC archived measure data is stored in a password protected SQL database.
The direct access on this databases is not given, because of the data security.

FMC provides the possibility to export loaded archives into common data formats, for example Excel.
This function can also be activated automatically by FMC after each measurement.