FMC provides a lot of possibilities to display the measured and evaluated signals.

The program language can be chosen in a setup menu as English, German or a user defined language.

In FMC integrated Monitoring Options are beside others:

A permanent visible global system overview with an indication of collected group alarms and
   production indications.

Free selectable group overview with detailed status indication of all devices
integrated into a group.

Measure value lists as a Table, with filter functions, error indication, etc.

Measure value trend indication as a Graph, with many functions like scrolling, zooming, logarithmical
   and linear scale etc.

An automated event table with the possibility to add comments

FMC offers the following integrated Standard Protocols to document the collected measure data. 

Calibration protocols for particle sensors
Production protocols
Print outs of the event table including the operator comments
Print outs of the measure value tables
Print outs of the measure value graphs

Customer specific protocols of any kind can be added, according to customers wishes.