We work out soft- and hardware solutions according to customers specification.
Customer specific changes of the below listed digi plan products are also possible.

Software Development

Particle Measurement
Software development for the control / regulation, operation, supervision 
and evaluation of particle counting systems.

Particle Supervision Center
Single place FMS-Software for max. 6 liquid particle counters.


Data Acquisition System + Facility Monitoring System +
optional process automation (real-time-capable)
FMS Software for the connection of up to 432 particle counters and various additional
measure technique.
Connection of liquid and air sensors (also combined) possible.

Small Rate Regulation
Development of a software-regulator to regulate small rates even at extreme pressure 
surges of up to 50 Bar in less than a second.

Process Control System Software

PC as replacement for the floppy drive of a Siemens process control system Teleperm-M 
AS 230/231/235
License: digi plan GmbH 1995
Customers: among others:
Siemens AG, Mannheim
Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf
via reseller GIA/GATec to diverse chemical firms

Special software development for the management and care of Siemens Teleperm M
Systems AS 230/231/235 and MS236.

Offline retranslation program for AS230/235 machine code
Complete cross reference list in dBase format
Output of the disk label without AS-System
Generation of AS-REDOK archive files without AS-System
Extraction of elements in binary form of AS-REDOK archives
Generation of reloadable disks without AS-System
Generation of BT,RAM list in dBase format without AS-System
Generation of one or more AS-Disks from one or more AS-REDOK archives
Generation of RESI-M compatible text files without AS-System,
(at least 1000 times faster than the keyboard interface)

All licenses reserved by digi plan GmbH

Hardware Development

Particle Counter Module DP-DAS-PZ10-2C
Electronic development of a universal evaluation unit according to the pulse-height-analysis
method for the connection to all common particle sensors to the above mentioned
Datasheet to the Particle Counter Module DP-DAS-PZ10-2C

Frequency Input Module DP-DAS-FM10
Electronic development of an impulse counter unit with 2 channels for the evaluation of e.g.
count-impulses of a mass flow meter for the connection to the above mentioned DAS-System.
Datasheet to the Frequency Input Module DP-DAS-FM10

All licenses reserved by Digi Plan GmbH