Digi Plan offers the following service in the field of assembly

Erection Engineering

among other things

Planning and generation of measure-point related erection standards ( Hook-Up / Loops )
Material- and spare part lists
Trace overview plans including the single trace cuts and their tying-up.
Assembly and placement of transmitter protection boxes
Overview plans with the single measure points, electric and pneumatic distributor boxes
   as well as local control boxes.
Construction drawings for assembly points and allocation of protection pipes for wires and

Description of important erection hints
Supply of erection material




Single measure-circle tests before the commissioning
Plant tests by production simulations
Supervision of the plant when it is set into operation for the first time
Production standby until the plant is handed over

Training and Service

Training of the employees, basic knowledge and plant control
Documentation of the project
Installation Quality und Operational Quality
Maintenance of the system