All particle sensors which use the "extinction" and "scattering-method" can be connected to the

This can be realized by using the evaluation electronics of the manufacturer or directly via a counter
module (PZ10) integrated into the DAS, if the particle sensor has a standard output signal range of

0 to 10 Volt.
Basically every sensor and every measure device can be connected to the DAS-FMC System
According to the sensor or measure device a small change of the program or the implementation of a driver can be necessary, but that is no problem for us.

                                                      The DAS System

Please click on the logo of a firm to see a list of sensors which can be connected to the DAS-FMC System.

Air and liquid sensors




Measure devices ( humidity, temperature, pressure, etc. )

A collection of measure devices of the different manufacturers can be seen here.
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